Can a dynamic gallery be placed in a repeater?

Hello Community X!
I’m creating a theatre director’s portfolio that I’m organizing by venue. In other words, each VENUE gets its own page, and each of those pages has unique PRODUCTIONS – each being an item in a repeater, with each item being the full height and width of the browser window.

Now comes the part I’m having trouble with. Along with a description, a photo, and mini-reviews (all of which appear fine), each PRODUCTION has a unique GALLERY associated with it. Still, I can’t seem to get a gallery to attach to the repeater item.

I had no problem adding a gallery item to each production in the Content Manager, but the Repeater Item won’t accept it.

I was able to create a lightbox that launches when the user clicks a gallery icon I attached to the Repeater Item, but that lightbox only displays the first production’s gallery (or all of them only if I add “next” and “previous” buttons to it).

I’m still new to using dynamic pages, so I’m open to suggestions.