Can a Rich Content element included in a Dynamic (All) Page?

We got a lot of our site content by scraping emails. We display those, in part, as Rich Content in dynamic (Title) pages. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to include Rich Content in a dynamic (All) page. The Rich Content widget doesn’t seem to attach itself to the repeater container. Is that as-designed? Or am I doing something wrong?

1, Be on the page where you want to add the rich text,
2. Hit the plus sign in the editor to add an element.
3. Scroll down to the CMS category
4. In the resulting panel on the right scroll down to select rich text content.
5. Click it.

I think I misunderstood. I think you mean you can’t get it in there. I’m going to try it now. I apologize for the simple instruction.

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I made a mistake here. I thought I was using Rich Content fields, but in fact I created a Ridh Text field in my database. Of course Rich Text is not Rich Content, which is why the Rich Content widget couldn’t see it.