Can I add a product video to a repeater?

Hello gang,
this is an incredible forum to learn more about the Wix Code.

While using Wix Stores, I’m trying to create a repeater that will show a product video.
Did anyone figured out a way to do this?
I’ve tried dragging a video box into the Repeater but I only get the indication of “attach to page” and don’t get the indication to attach it to the Repeater.

Would love your thoughts and suggestions

Your video products must be listed in the database. There is a special field type “Video”. After filling the database, connect it to the repeater - а dataset connects page elements to a set of items in a data collection.
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Thank you this is really helpful!
Do you know why I can’t attach a video box to a repeater?

Unfortunately you can’t attach a video box to a repeater, feel free to post a feature request here .