Can I add CC to Automation mail? and change the mail tittle.

I created custom form with wix code.
And use Automation mail to send customer.
I want to send email to me same mail that customer recieved.
How can I do?

And I want to change the mail tittle.
Now “Send from Form mission” → I hope “customers form tittle”

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Did you find an answer to this I need the same functionality :slight_smile:

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The CC part

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Please add a new post rather than bumping up an old post from 2018.

If you had searched for this before posting on this old thread you would have found a good few posts about this.

You can use this example here.

There are also updated SendGrid examples from Wix that you can view in the Examples section that uses SendGrid API and NPM.

To send to multiple address then look at this previous forum post for starters.

Along with this one for changing to from name as well as an email address.