Can you apply a border/keyline to individual sides of a container or grid?

Hi folks, new to Editor X and still finding my way around. Just wondering if it’s possible to apply a keyline/stroke/rule to specific edges of a container? I’m trying to achieve this effect where the keyline will scale up and down to match the height of the text frame. I also foresee other situations where it would be handy to apply border styles to individual sides of a container such as tables etc. Is this possible somehow?..

Yes, this can be achieved using a container. If you add your text block to the container, then enable shadow on that container. Then use the following settings to get that look:

Angle: 90 °
Distance: 10px
Size: 0px
Blur: 0px
Opacity & Color: 100% - Select your color.

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Brilliant that’s perfect, thanks Lewis!