Can you edit existing code in WIX

Is someone able to tell me whether WIX code enables you to change the page code on your existing WIX website? (ie pages that were created before wix code existed) to change any existing elements or features that you want better control of? In particular the way the HTML code app works?


Hey Belinda,

Anything that you can do with Wix Code you should be able to do on your existing website. All you have to do is turn on Developer Tools on the site.

Thanks Sam, I have already turned on developer tools, but when I access the page code, there is nothing there. It’s just waitng for me to add code to it. All I can see is the following text, which tells me that I have to input the code, I can’t access the existing code and edit it. Is that correct?

Wix Code adds layers of code to your site …it doesnt penetrate the existing code. Think of Wix Code as the Makeup …and your pages as the Skin.

If you ask something more specific as to what you are trying to achieve … possibly someone can point you in the right direction.

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I have the same question(s).

My pages load very slowly and google page speed insights offers minified code to help your site run faster, example compressed css for fonts, but i don’t know where i can access the original code. and once i do how to i swap it out for the suggested google optimize code? They only seem to give you an option to add more code not fix the code that is already present…
please helpppppppp, the site doesn’t work if it can’t load properly or fast enough…

thank you,

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Yes! I’m looking to made CSS design changes as well… can find were or if it’s possible…

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I was hoping to write code to make our page. Is this possible?

Same here issue here… Wish Wix would be more user friendly in answering to user requests. This topic has been left unanswered for more than 2.5 months.

Hey guys,

What Nayeli wrote is correct. You cannot access the full source code of your site with Wix Code. Rather, you can add your own code to what is already generated by Wix in order to create additional functionality on your site.

To get a better idea of what you can do with code, see the API Reference Overview .