Accessing Existing Code

I am trying to customize features on my site’s checkout page - i.e. wanting to hide the “Shipping” cost/line item in the cart until customers actually enter their shipping info, pulling rates from UPS API, etc.

  1. My major concern is that I do not see a way to edit any existing code for the default elements on Wix template site pages. Is there not a way to make modifications to the existing source code?

  2. I pulled in the ups-shipping-api package but again do not see a way to view the actual code associated with this in order to modify to fit our site needs…

I feel like I am missing something incredibly obvious? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


In the following article you can see all the possible ways to customize your checkout page:
Customizing Your Wix Stores Checkout Page

If it will not suit your needs, you can create your own alternative using code and customize it the way you prefer.

Regarding your source code question, you cannot access the full source code of your site with Corvid. Rather, you can add your own code to what is already generated by Wix in order to create additional functionality on your site.

To get a better idea of what you can do with code, see the API Reference Overview and the related forum post here .