Cash on delivery charges

In India, most of the shipping companies charge the seller additional fees if the customer is paying them cash at the time of delivery. I need to charge customers a fee if they choose Manual Payments such as Cash On Delivery. Currently, Wix doesn’t have a feature where I can charge customers only in the case of Manual Payments.


Even I’m facing the same problem. Can Wix implement this feature?? So, that we can provide COD to our customers.

Give this feedback via Customer Service to let Wix see your feedback and maybe implement this in the feature updates.

Customer Service

I have the same problem and it’s frustrating that I have requested this feature for more than 2 years from now to their support. They haven’t responded back or haven’t brought this feature. Due to this issue, I’m forced to move all my sites to Woocommerce. I’m even ready to pay an extra amount to access this feature. Due to this issue we are using a workaround solution where we create our own static product pages and Cart pages. Please Bring this feature ASAP, so we can continue in WIX!

PS : I’m running a startup called Brandbox where we help creators in India launch their own online stores. I have launched 8 Online stores from Wix and we’re on the path to scale it to 100K stores down the lane.

@sri-cool13 I’m sorry this feature still isn’t available. The Velo Forum is not monitored for feature requests, so it’s best for you to submit a ticket to Wix Customer Care . Thanks.