Change field type in live database

I can’t figure out how to change a field type in my live database. There is supposed to be an option to “Manage Properties” when you click on the vertical ellipsis. I can see the option and its properties when I view the live database or the sandbox, but the ability to change the field type is disabled. But when I edit the live database, the option never appears. Unfortunately, I think I’m getting some errors because the data in that field which is coming from a “holding database” is text, but in the live “public” database, the field is URL. I’d prefer to have that field just plain text anyway, and I need them both to match, but I can’t seem to change it. Any ideas?

You can’t change field types in the Live database. A database schema can only be created and modified in the Sandbox database. Publishing your site will copy your database schema from the Sandbox database to the Live. Refer to these articles for more information:

Thanks Yisrael, but I’ve already changed the field type in the sandbox, synced and published it and the field type didn’t change in the live database. When you look at the live version, the field type is still URL.