Change tab order of fields on custom form

I have created a custom form, however the tab order from field to field is not intuitive. In the classic editor it is possible to manually change the tab order. Has any one found this option in Editor X?

The forms in both Classic and X behave very similar if not the same. Here is documentation on this very item.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I have seen the support article, however I cannot find this this setting in Editor X. In which menu or toolbar can I find the setting manually set the tab order.

@info87066 try checking the form fields order adjustments in the layers panel (it needs to be from bottom to the top).

@eduardog I tried this already, however the tab order got even worse. Jumping to another section on the first field.

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@info87066 oh got it - do you have the URL for the site in question?

@eduardog I have send you a direct message with the URL

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@info87066 Hi,
please do the following steps:
in the editor in the section where all these fields are, at go to the first field that should be tabbed select it and in the floating menu click the three dots,
then go to arrange and select bring to front, then go to the second in the order that you want and do the same ā†’ bring to front, and so on and so on until the last one.

Lmk if this works.

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Thanks! I got it working now.

Click it and use Ctrl Alt and the up or down arrows to move it

This is awesome, in my case i dont see the three dots. But if i right click on the field, it provides the arrange option and then bring it to front. Worked like a charm.
Thanks for the tip.

Any update on this? Critical to a form Iā€™m doing. (Classic Editor)

From my experience, you would set the forms in the reverse order in the layers.

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I did this and it did not work.