Changes in Mobile affecting Desktop - Is this normal? Plus I need a tip :-)

Hi Team X

So, I am building a site which is quite simple.

On the hom,e page in the first section I am wanting to colunms side by side.

In column 1 I want some tesxt in a container. (A container within a container if you will)
In column 2 I want a contact form.

Having gotten this to work on my Desktop view I went to my mobile editor.


I then rebuilt the page in Mobile view to suit.

I was under the impression that these changes would not trickle up?

Not so, the form is now a mess on my desktop.

Any ideas?



How it should look below.

How it looks after chergigging with the Mobile


I believe I had a similar issue, but not certain, see if my notes apply to you … in any case I think you’ll find your answer by look for info on ‘reparenting’ …* reparenting an element will be reflected on ALL layouts, not only cascaded down to smaller layouts. If youve used a grid (like a 2 column grid), and want to downsize it for the tablet break point, moving the element from the right column to the left will be considered reparenting, and will refect to and ruin the desktop layout. Manually adjusting the grid (by 'adjust grid / then deleting a column) will also not work. Do this = / select the container / adjust grid / click on the 1x4 choice (to get down to one column. This will stack the previous colums vertically into one column, wihout ruining / reflecting onto the desktop layout.

Hi Vin,
Thank you for your message and sorry for the experience you had with Wix Form.
To help us investigate your specific site, please open a ticket from the Editor X → Help → Report a Bug.
Generally, Wix Form supports layout changes per breakpoint, but not supporting multiple columns, therefore we’re interested in investigating your case.

Thank you,

I’m also having this issue and am not sure how to solve it. This is the second site I’ve tried to build with EditorX that’s having this issue. It’s annoying because I think the platform’s capabilities are amazing.

Did this ever get resolved? Chaos indeed.