Checkbox filter or product page customization

Hi there,
I’m very new to coding just fyi…

I want to create a page that has filtering by two different category types “projects and services”
I achieved this using the wix store page function.

However, for each product page, I have some things I want to have customized for each page. For example, I want each product page to have a list of ALL services and project types.

But when I add those icons/text boxes, they show up on all product pages instead of just this specific product page. So my question is two fold

  1. Is there a way to customize product pages using wix code, while still keeping the parent page that has all the checkbox filtering?
  2. If not, is there a different way to achieve this same effect of filtering, and then clicking the product and a separate page opens?
    Hopefully I’ve made my questions pretty clear.


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When you add a specific production you can include an “Additional Info Section”. You can add what you want here and it’ll only appear on that product page. I hope this helps.


  1. At the moment it is not possible to customize product page using Wix Code.
  2. There is not integration between Wix Code and Wix Store. Therefore, I suggest you contact Wix Support , as they can help you best.
    Good luck!

Hi All,

There is a great example of how you can create an online store with product filters with Wix Code . You will need to add your own sliders, dropdowns, checkbox filters and a Wix Repeater.

Good luck!


Hi! Did you ever figure out how to do this? I am running into the same issue and if I can’t do it on Wix I have to start the site over on a different vehicle.