Code Generator

So i need help with a few things… first being a code generator at checkout so i’m making a customizable hoodie website and it requires me to have direct interaction with the person so at checkout they should receive a random code that i also get so i can communicate with them. how can i make this possible ?
if theres anyone that down to help me besides on here u can also give me ur email or socials or anything lol

What exactly are you trying to achieve?

im trying to achieve a website that customizes shirts and at checkout they are given a ticket so that i can text them and we can discuss the customization and stuff. ultimately im trying to achieve a ticketing system at check out

Ticketing system:

  1. Customer buys a product.
  2. Customer gets a —> “ticket-ID”.
  3. You will create a form, on your checkout-page, where the customer can insert the “ticket-ID”.
  4. After formsubmission → redirect to the ticket-page?
  5. Ticket page has an integrated chat? (Wix-Chat? / Real-time-API?)

Is this the way you want to go ?