Creating different galleries within dynamic pages? Any creative ideas?


So i run a Yachtbroker company, and we have website who is meant to display our current inventory, - being the different boats available for sale.

I created a database with all the different information for each model, and displayed it on a dynamic page. A awesome feature, which in my opinion works great!

The issue at hand: I want to showcase a gallery on each unique page/boat with 15-30 images.
I´ve used the last couple of days researching this topic, and I must say I have yet to find a easy work-around on this.
There is a few different soloutions, the easiest one i´ve found so far seems to be creating a second collection for images, as described here:

Is this really the easiest way to do it? Seems like A LOT of work, having to upload 1 picture at the time in the second collection.

Imagine doing this 25-35 times per boat, on 25 different boats. The time, let alone the mess created in the second collection over time.

In my business these boats rotate alot, and in highseason we might be getting 5-10 new one each week, having to delete/mark as sold on the same amount each week. I can only imagine using way too much time on this.

So, I guess my question really is: is there any other way to get this done? Maybe within wix store? Drop the entire dynamic thing, and just create new different pages each time and use a normal gallery?
I am open to every suggestion, and I am also willing to hire someone for guidance if this is too big of a question to easily answer on a forum.

PS: I guess this is a relevant question for both car dealers and real-estate brokers. It would be a mystery to me if no one solved this already?

Thank you in advance
Best regards

Anyone, please?


Did you find the code linked in your post worked? I am trying to do the same thing but can’t get the gallery to populate.

@ellenkrausse Well, not really. It only shows on one of the dynamic pages. Cant get a different gallery on different pages. There must be a easier way to do this?

You can use “media gallery” as field type to save galleries in your database, you can use that in dynamic pages!