Custom fields for "Products" collection

Is it possible to add custom fields to “Products” collection? May be in the future? When?
It so good to get API for products, but leaves me to manage replica for “Products” collection

What is a type “Reference” for some fields in “Products” collection (in article those fields are defined as “Text”)?
Thanks for Your effort


It isn’t possible to add columns to the products collection. You can create another table with a reference field to the products collection and then all the extra columns you want to add to them, But, that means also double maintenance of the product to collection relations.

In the future this feature would be definitely a part of the WixStores product so stay tuned!



Hey Doron, any update on this feature?

If not, could you elaborate on the double maintenance required?


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Hey Doron, any update on this feature?

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Doron, has this been added yet?


You can consider using a new database with reference field to “Stores/Products” database.

In this case, you can always query the data with Wix Data API based on the current product (getProduct() from product page element).