Custom input dropdown menu items in Contact Form

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone can help with this please? I have created a dropdown box with choices which are read from a separate table in CMS. I have the dropdown item connected to a field in the Contact 2 dataset, but any time I send a test message, the dropdown box contents do not appear in the message, nor the CMS table.

Any suggestions as to how to get this working?

I have followed the instructions at

But it is still not working.

I have tried refreshing the page several times after I make any changes.

I am using Editor to create the pages with.

The page in question is at

Any help with this would be great.

From what I can tell, the article above outlines steps to achieve a custom form (using the CMS and input elements, without a Wix Forms element).

I see on the page, it’s using a mix of both a dropdown and a form element. When adding the dropdown to the form, you likely saw this message, meaning it’s not actually part of the form.

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 19.38.43

You can add a dropdown to the form by heading to the Form element> Add New Field> Dropdown, however it can’t be connected to the CMS.

Alternatively, follow the article above without using the form element to build a custom form.

Good luck! :raised_hands:


Thanks for the reply.

I have tried just adding test boxes to create a new form, but I do not get the “Collect Data” option. I can only connect a database and the form shows the last record in the boxes, which is not right.

When I try and add a form using “Forms and Contact”, it just creates a new form, which is fine, but it does not write the dropdown list when I send a test message.

So what should I do instead??