Custom Login-Sign Up Pages similar to Webflow in Wix Studio

Custom Login/SignUp pages. We need to be able to create pages for custom login/sign and have more control. For me, I want to have a page that I share with my customers for them to login, goal it’s to have them add it to their homepage. See Webflow’s feature.

Thanks for including the example. That’s very helpful! I’ll get this request to the team! For now, maybe these suggestions can be of help.

@AnthonyAllioo Hey! I was able to get an update that custom login/sigup is currently being worked on and the goal is to get it released asap, hopefully within a few weeks.


I’ve been waiting for this feature for centuries.

Is there a reason it’s not on the roadmap? Just curious.

@Eric_Biddle I believe there is a current request for this. The roadmap is constantly being worked on, but let me see what I can find out!

@Eric_Biddle Hey! I know it’s been a lengthy process to get all the feature requests set for Studio, but I was able to get confirmation that it will be added to the roadmap very soon! Keep an eye out!

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Hey, I think you may be referring to bringing custom log-in/sign-in from Wix to Wix Studio (now available in studio I saw) which is a lightbox and not a page. I’m asking for being able to create a page like on webflow. In Wix it’s a lightbox, but it would be helpful for use to be able to create pages like such as what wix uses ( We can’t direct users to a page where they can log-in or sign up, which is useful for many reasons one being for creating web apps and having our users bookmark our log-in page to their phones.

The current workflow isn’t as UX friendly as we have to create a page, then add a button so that the lightbox opens. It would be a lot easier and 1 less button to click if we could create a login/signin experience on a page vs a lightbox.