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Hey guys, new here and trying to figure out if something is possible using Wix. I’ve had a good look around to find answers, but so far no luck so appreciate any input from the community :).

I’m wanting to create a members-only page that displays content only for one member (i.e. the logged in member). Each member would be able to see content specific to them with content generated by the site admin. Ideally all this content would be in a database connected to a dynamic page and the content that is displayed is filtered for the logged in user. Is this possible? If so, are you able to point me in the direction of help articles/resources, etc to learn more about it?

Thanks for any help!

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You should definitely look in the direction of a custom members area:

It gives you a lot of control over members area unlike the default members area that you can add in the Editor.

You can even create a page that displays items based on the currently logged-in user without using code :slight_smile: however the content is generated by members themselves in this article but it can also give you an idea on how to implement what you are trying to achieve!
Check out the User object.
You can get the user’s id or email and based on that display specific info. Some additional work to be done but it can get you the desired functionality.

A different topic but similar method/approach:

Try to also browse forum for more posts on this matter:

Good luck!

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Thank you for the help, I’ll have a read through the articles you linked. Cheers

This was really helpful, thank you🙂