Custom members collection and registration form : help !

Hello, I tried to create my own members collection as explained in this link : Velo Tutorial: Building Your Own Members Area | Help Center |
After that, I tried to create my own registration form using this link : Velo Tutorial: Creating a Custom Registration Form with Code | Help Center |
Absolutely nothing works !!
The management of members is totally awful on Wix !! One time you have to deal with Members collection, one time you have to deal with Contact List ! Why it’s not easier?

So i’ll try to explain my issue :
If I use the Wix registration form, I can register, but nothing happen on my Members collection (the new member appears in the Contact List in the dashboard but nowhere else !).
If I use my custom registration form, nothing happen at all !
I can’t try this with console log because I must try it in live mode !

Here is my website :

Is someone can help me please?
Thank you.