Customer cant manage bookings thru APP

Anyone with similar wix booking issues?

I have customer that cant use the mobile(bookings) for most of the time. When she tries to create a new session for client or delete one, she gets timeout messages, error messages.

She has tried on different devices, one of the devices are brand new. She has tried using data as well as wifi.

We event es see these issues on the computer, where she has tried book an appoint for a client in the webbrowser.

We have tried all possible combination of browser, OS and computers.

I have been working with SW dev and computer since the 80’s so i typicall try the most common cases before reaching out to support.

I am fan of Wix support, but in this case - i feel i am getting a lot of standard answers. For me it is clear that this not a device or customer problem but Wix platform issue.

So I would look ask here, if anyone has had similar issues?

At this moment it is so bad, that the client is reverting back to pen and paper.

Best regards & thanks in advance for sharing your experience.


Hi, Ireen from Wix Bookings. I’ve replayed in your other post. Trying to get someone to take a look