Client cant use the booking app. Anyone else?

Has anyone encountered similar issues with Wix Bookings?

One of my clients is unable to consistently use the mobile bookings feature. Attempts to create or delete sessions often result in timeout or error messages. This issue persists across various devices, including a brand new one, and regardless of whether she’s using data or Wi-Fi.

Similarly, we’re facing issues on desktop computers as well. Despite trying to book appointments for clients through different web browsers, the problems remain. We’ve tested every possible combination of browsers, operating systems, and computers.

With my background in software development and computing since the 1980s, I typically troubleshoot the most common problems before seeking support. Although I’ve had positive experiences with Wix support in the past, the responses to this issue have been disappointingly generic. It’s becoming clear to me that this is not an isolated device or user issue but rather a problem with the Wix platform itself.

Has anyone else experienced similar difficulties with Wix Bookings?

Currently, the situation has deteriorated to the point where my client is considering reverting to traditional pen and paper for appointments.

I dont know what do to anymore.

Hi, @pavelru can you please take a look? thanks

@ireenh there is nothing like this expected - the experience is broken in the videos. I need some identification of the user/site, owner email, domain name, MSID - anything. Then I will be able to properly debug it.

Hi @pavelru

Thanks for your reply is the domain.

Does that help?

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Thanks. I’ve looked into the web and mobile sites and currently don’t see any errors. Tried in English and German.
Strangely the video is taken from an Android device while I see that the owner has an iOS, so not sure which device it is.
Can you tell if there are still issues that the user experiences? If so, and if the problems are not constantly reproducible, we will need to have a screenshot and a time stamp (date, time and timezone) in order to analyze the logs on our side.

Hey @ireenh @pavelru,

thanks for coming back on this. No this is not workings, the error also now occurs using desktop browser.

Bildschirmfoto 2024-02-13 um 20.06.22

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