Database syncing

I have a simple quick question. Do I have to sync my database from live to sand box every time before I add new items to the database?

There is a rating field (user generated) which, of course is updated in live database but not in sandbox. The problem here is that, I have to add items in database every few days which I can only do in sandbox and then sync it to live. But the rating field of previous items are not updated in sandbox. If I add the items and sync to live without first syncing data from live to sandbox then all rating values for previous items are overwritten. Therefore, I first sync from live to sandbox, add items, then sync back to live.

Am I doing anything wrong or is it the only way to do it?

You can edit the live database directly through the dashboard of the site.


Thanks !

Whenever I try the following message appears attached. Why does this problem happen?