Did anyone build a real fast Editor X website?

I really like Editor X, yes it has it bugs and limits. Hower I’ve got the patience to work around these and I see it gradually improving. Afterall it still in Beta. However what does concern me is the speed of the website. I know Wix has announced further performance improvements for all Wix websites. However it is not clear if this will make an Editor X website equally fast as a website build with the traditional editor.

Did anyone build a real fast Editor X website? Would be great to to see best practice examples.


not exactly fast but it took me 25 days, learning the editor X interface from scratch and juggling all the issues and bottlenecks I was able to put together a website for a progressive art space in my city, I hope I can continually improve it with feature updates from the Editor X team, I’d like to see parallax and advanced hover animations and custom css interactions
Here is the website I built from a blank canvas using Editor X and hosting with their mid tier level premium plan and also bought basic Gsuite mailboxes for auto response


@deepakkumar99933 URL doesn’t work?

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@rn1 sorry, its actually…


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Congrats! It looks really great :ok_hand:(I mobile)


Hi Deepak Kumar
Great work!
Just a question with your sub menus… for the life of me I can’t seem to add them like you have under courses. Could you help me with this…?

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Looks good and indeed pretty fast (at least for Editor X). I noticed you have no photos on the website, that makes a a difference offcourse. However most website will need photos .

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@liz I think I know why you are having difficulty, before assigning items to the menu, you need to create all the pages first and then add them to your menu and for nesting sub-menus here is a screenshot of how to do it with regards to my own page, when you open the menu settings you will see other menu items and next to them you have three dots which will gve you further options like “move to dropdown” and then you can nest menu items under other menu items

Hi @info87066 I hope you are doing good, I saw your posts earlier in the community forums. So on the website, I have used only images for all the illustrations and animations and background, svg, and png format for almost everything, so make sure you optimize and compress the images using photoshop or some online tool to reduce file size. But editor X currently has some loading and performance issues despite being a premium user, so I need to wait to have a talk with the editor X team I had scheduled a chat on sep 21st but I didn’t receive any intimation about it and the time has passed since, so will try that again and get things sorted because I am planning to provide services to two other clients using editor X and I need to be 100% sure that I will not be facing any performance bottlenecks.

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@deepakkumar99933 - I have a main menu item labeled “Learn”. It is the parent item for 5 sub-items all working nicely in the navigation. The dropdown parent shows sub- items on the hover state which I want but I don’t want the Learn item to be clickable. I thought I could just go into Manage Menu and change the link to not linkable but that doesn’t seem to be an option. There is info in the custom menu section of the tutorials that say click the icon at the bottom right but it just wants me to create a new dropdown. I needed to make a Learn page so it will show up on the main menu but I’m not understanding on how to make it non clickable.

Hi @hmspring ,

To achieve this, you need to create a new dropdown .

  1. Click on the menu that you want to edit.

  2. Click on Manage Menu .

  3. Click on Create Dropdown (which is the icon to the bottom right).

  4. Drag and drop your 5 sub-items under this New Dropdown .

  5. Rename this New Dropdown to Learn .

This will create a new dropdown in your menu titled Learn and this will not be clickable so you don’t need to make a new page for it to show up in the main menu.

Hope this helps! (:

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@pratham Hi Pratham, I will try this and see if it works. Thank you for a quick response.
Cheers hmspring

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Hi @deepakkumar99933 , Great website. How did you get those great graphics ( artistic human images )? Have you created them yourself or got them from somewhere else?