Editor X - New Website

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a new website. There are still a lot of details to work on but the main idea and the skeleton are here! I would love to have your feedback. https://damien4198.editorx.io/editorx
Thank you!


Looks good… loaded REALLY slow.

Thanks. Yes it’s very slow. The pictures aren’t that big in terms of size either. I don’t have anything that could slow down the website indeed.

Thank you for having a look at it!

Hello there!
I also took the liberty to take a look at it; it looks pretty well. Didn’t take loads to load for me (heh v: see what i did there?) yet navigating between pages does consume more time, and i don’t know either what could be since there aren’t animations or overdata.

Although, if I might make some suggestions (with no mean to offend but to help improve it) would be the following:
• I’d encourage you to watch the margins, since i notice some text boxes are quite close to the image/container edges, and only horizontally or vertically (not both), so there isn’t also a proportional ratio of separation
• Tablet & mobile views have quite tiny texts, including (especially) navigation menu (btw how did u do that v: i can only hav a fixed size for that text), so they become quite hard 2 read
• Smaller breakpoints have creative element re-arrangements; yet, some texts again become illegible not this time due to small size but because they get placed over images where they don’t contrast, take as an example ‘The Experience’ page; on desktop there’s no further problem tho, the column idea was one to congratulate it looks very neat
• Navigation menu disappears on mobile –and I imagine you wouldn’t want that–, and it isn’t even replaced by a smaller one or its mobile expandible version, so there’s not much way to navigate the rest of the site once on mobile ***this could be due to a bug I myself too have got to notice and experienced in editorX, when hiding some elements and displaying them in bigger/smaller breakpoints only, specially in master sections. gotta see if it’s fixed in time.

That aaand to personalize the url’s. Oh, and don’t forget to add custom page preview images for social share, and their names for SEO.
Oh… and ‘About’ page is empty, but guess you already knew that.
Hope i helped somehow (:


Thank you very much Ricardo. I really appreciate your detailed feedback. I will get to work those details. Thank you!

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It’s very fast and looks good on my end as well (the FAQ page gets stuck, and the Booking page is blank, which you’re likely already aware of…).

If you have the opportunity, could you talk about how you set up the horizontal menu, and if you did anything special? It seems that for many websites, including mine, the page transitions happen with a fade in, so the whole site including the menu blinks and fades back in. A few websites like yours aren’t doing that, even though there apparently isn’t any way to change the page transition settings. I’d greatly appreciate if you could let me know how you accomplished the fixed horizontal menu in the header!