Do the people who help us have access to our sites?

I’m asking that question, because My MAIN database was already filled with near to 100 000 rows, of which certain columns were text, when SUDDENLY they became NUMBERS :frowning:

Having such a change has KILLED the value of 3 columns, which means approximately 300 000 CELLS!!! :cry:

I don’t want accuse anyone of doing anything wrong, but I DO SINCERELY think that there might have been an “accident” where someone “tried” switching those 3 columns and caused involuntarilly the KILLING of those near to 300 000 CELLS. :cry:

Which brings me back to a question that I haven’t gotten an answer to yet :

ESPECIALLY NOW, I need to COPY - PASTE the content of COLUMNS.

Obviously, I don’t want to copy paste manually 300 000 cells… I want to SELECT a column and PASTE the content from my excel sheet on my computer.


Thanks in advance.

ADDON : When I say “access” I mean to the backends, like databases and member pages.

It’s a GREAT LOSS for me to have to either rebuild those 3 columns, or re-import the 93 000 rows.

Anyways, I’ll just pull up my sleeves and apply the most effective solution.

Firstly, you can try restoring to a previous version of your site. In order not to delete what you’ve already done, I recommend duplicating your site before restoring it so you have 2 versions of the site under your account.

As for your question, only Wix Employees have access to your site but we don’t publish any changes if made. Note that you can also import the information in order to speed up the process (if necessary):

Have a good day,

hello Tal,

Thanks for your quick response :slight_smile:

I’m heading right now to check those links, :slight_smile:

What about copy - paste of columns or rows?

I retreive the content for my main database from files that I receive from my providers. Right now, it would be great to just be able to paste the 3 changed columns to fix my problem.

ALSO, these files contain more columns than I am using right now. I might want to add some columns in the future.

As for rows, it would permit me to have a temporary database where I could review their manual addons, and copy paste the accepted ones to the main database.

Thanks again.

You can edit the csv file and choose if you wish to add those records or override them.
I think that the best thing to do, in this case, is simply creating a test collection and check out the import functionality to achieve what you wish for. The two last articles should be helpful for this.

Good luck!

Hello again,

I copied my site, I restored the last version to see if it has the changes, but I have a problem :

The developper tools section DOESN’T SCROLL nor does it have a vertical scroll bar :frowning:

I’m STUCK! I can’t see ALL of my databases since the list is longer than a screen’s height! :frowning:

Same thing for my pages :frowning:

I tried turning off then back on the tools… no change, refreshing the page… no change

I’ll try to get some phone support on this.


We located the issue and working on a fix.
We will update this thread as soon as we have feedback.


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