Do you have those 3 issues?

Hi together,

is there a way to improve the performance of editor x? I work with a MacBook Pro and Chrome and the performance is sometime very laggy. What browser do you use?
The second issue is, if I select two items like a headline and a body text, I can’t snap those on the grid. Only if I group those togethe. Thats a little bit annoying.
And the third issue is, the view port hight of mobile devices. If you have a section with 100% vh on an iPhone for example, the section is way bigger then the screen size. Is there a way to improve this?

thanks for your answers!


I do have performance issues here in the UK, the editor IS very laggy. There’s a very noticeable delay when moving around Editor X in general, but particularly when using the editor itself. Pages are very slow to change, page & element changes work in slow time too.

But I put up with it as changes can be made & do update eventually, just not in real time. And those changes are also quite quick to appear when published.

I probably wouldn’t have talked about this but why I know that there is some sort of issue is when I watch Editor X tutorials - both by the EdX team & 3rd party - where the hosts are zipping around the making changes and they don’t seem to experience any lag issues at all.

I have a good IT infrastructure / laptop etc, and have cleared cache etc but nothing I do seems to improve things at all. I suspect the issue might be that the performance of the local infrastructure I’m being served EdX files & content from isn’t that great, so there probably not much I can do about it.

Last, this laggyness gets worse for me after 2pm UK time, so it may be something to do with increased traffic as the US comes online…

Ok, so Im not alone. My internet speed is very fast und my setup too. Maybe it will work better after a view updates.


For issue 1, if you haven’t cleared browser cache and cookies, would recommend doing so as it could be browser related. I believe there are some updates rolling out so if you are doing that already, hopefully that will help.

Curious what you mean about the second thing? I usually tend to use the alignment for elements.

If the elements are supposed to be “grouped together”, I would recommend using stacks or placing the elements in a container .

The third one could be if you have the created on Editor X banner on your site, that does account for the breakpoint size. I think it’s about 100 pixels so you could use the calculation to account for it. Don’t use iOS on the normal but I think they don’t account for the address bar when it’s visible.