Does anyone know where the shape crop button is?

I used it a lot in my previous website on the normal editor, but can’t seem to find it in editor x


Hey @cycasual ,

Can you please add a screenshot of the shape crop button that you use in the wix editor?

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here it is:


Did you resolve? I have the same question. thanks

Hey, this feature is not available in EditorX.

Wow! love for this feature to be in there, is there any other way to shape a image (mask it), for example, I have an image that is square, though I want to make it a triangle, is there a way I can edit the css? thanks

@concretenz Hey, I’m Shir from the Editor X team. Thanks for reaching out!
We have no control over CSS and right now this feature is not available but what I suggest is to upload the image which is already cut to triangle.
we will be happy if you write it down in the Wish list


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This was a year ago and still not available. So frustrating.

Hey @oz11 , Apologies for the frustration but thanks for bringing it up. There was another thread pretty recently and will make sure the team is aware of your voice and feedback in wanting to see this feature. Thanks.

And now we are in 2023 and it still not available… :frowning: