New Year - New Feature Requests!

Editor X Team will be glad to see your votes for the features you would like to see next:

Changing Element Style and Behavior on Scroll

Adding Shape Dividers between Sections

Changing the Scroll Direction to Right-to-Left

Staying on the Same Breakpoint When Switching to a Different Page

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Would love to see editing CSS styles and setting components as masters on this list.


Also STILL need custom member sign up forms. Been trying to figure this out for a while now.

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More functionality to Lotties such as connecting to links, pages, data.


Image masking within shapes

Simplified access to blog page by integrating it into composition elements vs requiring visiting only the blog page

Allowing Editor X customers to login to Community X with their already created profile. I pay for premium but had to setup a new login to join Community X to post here

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Do you mean adding masking to images like you can with the videos? You should be able to add any shape to the basic shape.

Thanks for all of the feedback.
I’ll forward the feedback but not sure how feasible this might be. This site is its own Editor X site so to access this, you would need to be a member of this site. You could also use different ways to log in here if for some reason you want to use a different email compared to your Wix account.

Would love to see improvements to content manager!

  • Ability to use and edit it on mobile
  • More field choices
  • Ability to integrate it with other database systems (Airtable, excel, gsheets, etc.)

The content manager is my favorite thing about wix. It’s why I chose it over all other site builders, but it’s seriously lacking.

Reusable components for e.g. forms, sections, content views. Not just copy/paste from a master, but actually reusable, so when you update the look or behavior of the component, all of its instances update but keeping their own content. (Like Vue.js components)

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Yes exactly. You cant mask an image to the cut of a vector shape. When you click on the image there isnt a mask option like with videos.

@Rob @andrewt any help with this would be huge!! I want to use some Lotties as buttons to link to other pages.

this will be nice extension for existing assets for sure


This: Website interactions and animations | Webflow

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If you have some familiarity with coding, it seems you can set click events for Lottie files:$w/lottie/onclick

I’d also like the ability to completely customize the design of all of Wix’s built in apps and such using repeaters and elements. You can access their collections now which allows SOME things, but not nearly enough.

For instance: Wix File Share, Wix Video, Wix Members, Wix Store (and the checkout process/design), Wix blog pages, (you can kind of customize with blog collections now, but you can’t put rich content inside a repeater so…)…Most the apps are lacking and need work.

Between that and interactions/animations/timelines not being fully built out or robust enough those are my biggest pain points right now. Native Lottie support and manipulation would be nice too.

But please can we get the scroll stuff?? That would be at least a start.

• Infinite looping animations
• Mega menu
• Sub-submenus (Like a tree)
• Backgrounds with SVG patterns.
• Make patterns with images and svg objects.

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Horizontal Layout options for Radio Buttons