Drastic change in SEO


I hope whoever reads this is doing well. My name is JP and I run the website for a non-profit in Monterrey, Mexico. Recently we encountered a devastating problem regarding our SEO. For more than a year we steadily built our SEO and most of our pages were first results on google. The non-profit shares information about local trails, so every time the name of a local trail was searched, we were the first result. However, unprecedentedly from one day to the other our page was crawled and the meta tags and descriptions changed. I did not change any setting regarding our SEO, the SEO was affected without our manipulation. I will attach several images depicting the gradual decay of our search results, starting with a picture displaying us as the first result. The format you will see (in spanish) of the first picture, is the ideal one. The first tag is that of the trail name, and the second tag is the non profit name.

Image 1 (Desired search result, no meta description but correct name. This was the first result if you typed “Pico Horcones” in from whatever location in the world.)

Image 2: This result shows how suddenly the page name was no longer displayed and google spit out only the page name. This was annoying because every single trail head now had the same meta tag, which was the non-profit’s name. To this point, no change had been made.

Image 3: The drastic final result. After doing a deep dive into the meta tags and descriptions we have in our website, I found a useful tool in the WIX platform that allows to set up an SEO pattern for the main pages. I noticed that this pattern was the following. Image 4.

Image 4: Default SEO pattern that wix picked for us.

Image 5: This is the SEO pattern that I set to encourage google to index my page without the site name (maybe it was thinking it was too repetitive)

Context: I have a dynamic page set up for the hiking trails, with each trail representing a new dynamic page (60 total).

Image 6: These are the SEO settings that each dynamic page has, the title variable is unique for each one and the variable for the meta desc. “Resumen SEO” is also unique, it is a description of the trail using keywords.

Image 7: This is a screenshot of the meta tags and descriptions of the main dynamic page of the hiking trails.

Other information worth noting: The link for the main page is lacumbrecotidiana org the link for the dynamic main page is lacumbrecotidiana org/rutas and an example of a trail page is lacumbrecotidiana org/ruta/aguiluchos-sur

Disclosure: I have scoured this forum and the internet for any insight on the possible causes for this Issue. I am clueless, I have tried every recommended attempt, I have prompted search console to crawl my website by creating sitemaps, and I have even taken the time to individually request a crawl of each dynamic page, nothing has worked. I changed the information we provided in each page to improve my chances of a good index, but google has shown no mercy. We are a non-profit. organization that depends on this publicity to fund our projects that protect Mexico’s ecosystems, please help.

Extension: If you notice anything that might be causing detrimental damage to the page loading speed, please do let me know, because I have also read every article about improving speed and have not had any success.


If it’s any consolation… you are still second result for me! (when I type ‘pico horcones’). It appears exactly like your screenshot with a title, but no meta description.

I am in Australia for reference.

I’m not quite sure if you’re saying:

That you have had a drastic sudden and major drop in your rankings for google (if so, id maybe double check on a device you have never been on before - maybe it is something to do with cookies, as I said - you are still second result for me)

Rr if you are saying that you are slowly dropping in rankings which in this case I would put it down to: not that your page is dropping positions, but that other pages are gaining positions possibly by putting out paid advertising, or more content, etc.

on a final note… I’m not sure why your page isn’t displaying a meta description.