Dynamic Page, Pro Gallery and Expand Mode problem

I’ve set up a dynamic page to display photo album based on URL from dataset using Pro Gallery. When I open any of the image Expand View and close the expand view, the URL changes to that of the template instead of the album URL that was originally on.

You can check it here:

After closing expand mode, it should return back to this URL, but instead it returns to following URL which is basically the page name before it was converted to dynamic page.


Is there a way to avoid this? or is this a bug in expand mode?

Secondly, I noticed that regular gallery element has option of opening the image in lightbox/popup mode which is what I would prefer instead of navigating to different URL in Expand Mode (I’m not using social sharing, so unique URL is not required). Unfortunately, there are customization options for lightbox/popup mode. For example, I would like to show images without text/description underneath, or the transition from one image to another (the current transition in popup mode doesn’t feel as responsive as Expand Mode). Not to mention the layouting options in Pro Gallery are much better than regular gallery.

I’ll be posting in the feature request to provide lightbox/popup mode in Pro Gallery with some basic customization at least, or give option for Expand Mode to behave more like lightbox without changing URL.

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