Please help on wix pro gallery on mobile site

I used wix pro gallery as a repeater on index page that connects to a dataset with some coding on that page.
Everything works fine on desktop , hover, text and click and all that.
But when I edit the mobile site, it requires double tap on the photo to go to the dynamic page linked.
I tried adjusting the setting on the gallery according to this link >>
but still not fix the problem.
Is there another way that I can fix this problem?
Please help.
Thank you!

Hi Rose,

This forum is specifically for questions about Corvid by Wix.

If you are not adding code to your site and just having regular Editor issues please contact Wix Support .

Thank you!

Dara | Corvid Team

Hi Dara,

I’m not good at coding, but what I was hoping for was to get the coding that can help because the regular adjustment on that link didn’t help.
Please advise on any coding that could solve the problem.

Thank you.

Our hero! Thanks for not following up and just passing it off like a pro

To ensure gallery items open with a single tap:

  1. Click the Switch to Mobile icon  at the top of the Editor.

  2. Click the Pro Gallery.

  3. Click Settings .

  4. Click the Design tab.

  5. Click Texts .

  6. Select No Change under What happens to the info on 1st tap?

  7. Click Publish .

Link: Wix Pro Gallery: Troubleshooting Issues on Mobile | Help Center |