"Dynamic values" in e-mail returning wrong information- what are they linked to, and how can this be resolved?

Here’s the issue. My customers buy an English class package, and they are given an automated receipt for a YOGA class instead. The automated receipt has the wrong dates, times, etc, but the correct price.

My customers should see a receipt for what they just bought, so they can know when the course begins and ends.

Why is this happening? What do those “dynamic values” in the email link to? Is there a dataset or something that I can change to fix this problem and give customers the correct automated e-mails? This happens with a good number of my emails, and despite how I have replaced the “dynamic value” in the e-mails, it won’t stop happening. It seems like it really shouldn’t be this hard to issue a confirmation e-mail for what a customer has bought.

I have reached out to WIX customer support at least 3 times on this, and have received no response at all.

I would really appreciate any help, as I have crawled through dozens of forums, posts, and Wix’ help docs, with nothing directly addressing this issue.

Can someone please help me understand what might be causing this and how to fix it?