Easiest way to create new site using old site's resources?


Please forgive the noob question.

I have a site with all the text, images, videos, audio etc, but I now want to completely change the layout, ideally without deleting the current site (in case I want to go back to it at some point).

Is the best way to do this just to create a completely new site and import the resources I need into it (or even just re-upload them), and then connect it to my domain name? Or is that unnecessary? I seem to think there’s a way to create an alternative site, which presumably saves having to disconnect the domain name from the old one and assign it to the new one?

Any help gratefully received!

Hey there,

We first need to know which editor you’ll be using for your new site (I’m assuming the old one is built using the classic Wix editor).

Rebuilding on Wix Studio
If you’re building your new site using the new Wix Studio editor which offers responsive layouts and scroll interactions along with other features, then yes you’ll have to make a new site, re-upload all your media and design the layout from the ground up.

Rebuilding on the classic Wix Editor
If you’re planning to rebuild your site using the same classic editor, then the best way to do it would be to simply duplicate your site, make the necessary tweaks and twerks to the duplicated site, and once you’re satisfied with it’s look and feel, you can simply transfer your premium plan, as well as your domain to the newly built site. And you’ll always have your original site as a backup - in case you ever want to go back to it.

Another way of doing it would be to create new pages within the current site itself (which will ofcourse be hidden from the visitors) and this will save you the effort of duplicating and re-uploading stuff, however I would personally not recommend this, one of the reasons being that it won’t allow you to use a new template, you will have to build upon what is already being used, or start from scratch.

So you can choose what works best for you, as Wix does offer seamless features such as transferring plans and domains, something that can help a lot in your use case.

P.S. And speaking of seamless features, you can also import all your media from your current site to the new site through the Media Manager itself, without the need to re-upload all of them manually!

Thanks very much, that’s really helpful. I think it was built with the old editor, so duplicating the site and rebuilding sounds the most sensible way to do it.

Many thanks

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