Edit pre-automated emails by Wix

Hi everyone,
we are offering online courses that are conducted by and assigned to different employees. Whenever a course is purchased by a customer, we want to notify the assigned employee of that course via email. Wix automatically sends an email to the assigned employee (see attached file), however, Wix also includes customer sensitive data ( see: Kundenangaben, e.g. Email: raphael@kursinsel.de), which we do not want to provide our employees with. Do you have an idea how to customize these pre-automated emails by Wix to solve this issue?

Thanks for your support.

Hello. Take a look at this support article about customizing the default emails and let us know if this is what you are after.

Hi Amanda, thanks for the quick reply.

Unfortunately, this does not solve my issue. I turned the toggle off so that the default email is not send to the customer. Then, I created an automation to send the confirmation in our design to the customer. This works just fine.
The problem is on the “other side”. The default email send to the assigned staff member is not editable. However, I would like to send a confirmation email to the staff member with certain information once a booking of his service happened.

Do you have another idea?

Okay, one more try and then I may have to see if I can find someone more familiar with this workflow…

The template you need to customize is the one in Automations? So, is this route something you tested as well? I may be confused about which email template this is and where it is coming from.

Hi Amanda,

unfortunately, it is not the template in the Automations section. The screenshot that I have sent is an automatic Email send by appointments@wixbookings.com and I cannot find a way to edit this email in my settings.
Basically there are two emails:

  1. Automatic email send by appointments@wixbookings.com that I do not know how to edit (please help)

  2. My own Automation that I have designed based on a template (easy)
    It is possible to turn this specific email off by not adding an email to the staff member profile, however, this should not be the solution because it also means that the staff member does not have a clue when somebody books a course.

Does this explanation help?

Hi Team K,
This forum is dedicated to questions about site development with Velo and JavaScript. Please contact Wix Customer Care for support with your issues. They are best suited to assist with non-coding topics. Thank you.