Editor Stretch handles

It is really frustrating to not to be able to use the stretch handles in the Wix Studio Editor mode. Not only the snapping back to the same breakpoint width is non-sense but the whole editor moving up to top upon stretching the handles is just another annoying behavior. Simply make this work like it does in Editor X so it serves a purpose.


Totally agree, I don’t understand why it’s no longer possible to enlarge the width of the editor like on EditorX every time I have to write the number of pixels! @noahlovell Is there a solution? Should I make a request on the road map?

I am an expert designer and I create advanced designs. I just spent so many hours AGAIN today trying to get the elements of a simple page to behave the way I want in Wix Studio editor. It is maddening that we have an advanced responsive editor that never worked properly whether Editor X or Wix Studio when it comes to checking the website layout in the editor mode or in the preview mode. Going in and out of the editor refreshing the live view tab for each little step is insanely counter productive. This is by far the most important feature that we should have no problem with. Simply what we see in the editor should be what it is. The handles making the site freak out jumping up and down is ridiculous. The preview mode not working consistently is also not acceptable. How is it that they release this editor with this massive flaw?? Make both the editor and the preview mode work PLEASE!

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@SCW I believe the handle behavior is this way in Studio to ultimately speed up the design process. Since ‘scale proportionally’ is the default responsive behavior, you then wouldn’t have to set the sizing in each breakpoint.

Being familiar with Editor X, I absolutely can see how this setup almost feels backwards at first.

Be sure to also submit it as an official feature request on the Product Roadmap page. I’ve also made note of it as well!

I disagree with the original poster idea that the editor width should stay however we set it by dragging the handles.

In fact, in the old Editor X, this was a huge pain point since dragging the handles would always leave your website to a random resolution (never being able to get back to your preferred resolution), and then having to input my preferred width again, every time.

Literally, after dragging the handles to see how the website behaves at different widths, I then had to input the preferred width again and again. Almost every 5 to 10 seconds, which was mad :)) I’m not even sure why you would want to get back to that counter-productive behaviour.

In Wix Studio, the width always reverts back to a fixed size that you have to specify. This makes your whole work easier and faster, and allows you to design all your elements at the same width, before you decide to switch to a different width.

Keep this feature as it is. This is, probably, the biggest noticeable feature in Wix Studio that I love.

@peter63820 Very interesting! This is great to hear different views! With ongoing discussion in the forum like this, the team can see if things should be changed or if there should be options to toggle on/off features like this.

I agree.
A toggle feature would probably the best solution!
Also the big issue is when the handles dragged the whole page jumps to the top or the bottom sometimes. When I wanna have a quick reference in the editor to see how elements act to the responsive settings the section should stay in place.

@SCW How often does the page jump to the top/bottom would you say? Have you been able to troubleshoot this yet with support?

It happens randomly. Sometimes it happens on a certain page but not on the rest.
I guess I’ll observe the behavior for its frequency and then report the bug with more information.

Ok. I just realized the editor does this if a section is not selected. Kind of an oversight on my end but if I forget to select the section I want to view the editor goes to another one. Posting this here so others may possibly benefit. No bug. User related.

I know what you mean: if no section is selected, it doesn’t know what’s the focus, what part of the website you’re looking at, so when the content adjusts/scales (as you make the window wider or narrower), the website jumps/scrolls up or down kind of randomly.

It was annoying, and it took me a while to figure it out :))

But if you select a section, the website will then focus on that section, it will no longer jump around.

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Yep. It’s just we got used to Editor X not having this requirement. Thanks for the message.

@SCW Thanks for pointing this out. Your post prompted me to ask around, and it’s been interesting to learn that some others noticed it while others didn’t. Those coming from Editor X may find this odd at first, too! I’ll be sure to pass this onto the team! Great observation!

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