Editor X Beta Update

We heard a lot of feedback from the community that you were having issues getting into the Editor X beta - never fear, we’re on it! The team is aware and will be resending links to your inbox so you can access the beta tout suite .


::checks email:: WOOO!


I haven’t received any… :frowning:

@magnusgravenhorst hey :slight_smile: if you haven’t received a beta invite in general, be aware that they are being rolled out gradually. This update is more for if you already received it but the link wasn’t working :slight_smile:

Hey Sheyla, i applied for the beta but haven’t yet received an invite. Been designin on Wix for 6 years and would love access!! Thanks! contact@riverstonecreativeco.com

Hi there! Invitations are still being rolled out. :slight_smile:

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We were extremely stoked to receive the invite & play around with the editor a bit last night. I will say that it definitely still has its flaws/kinks to be worked out. Fun little interface change for the overall editor. Almost feels like an inexperienced Corvid; all in good time… BIG fan so far regardless.
Anyone else still experiencing problems with keep ing the individual version editors individual? Any change I make on the mobile after publishing the desktop or tablet directly affects everything else & vice versa; I never had this problem with the Corvid Editor, thoughts?

Hello, I steel can not access Editor X. Can not wait any more to try it. Please, can you send me the link where I can open it?
Thanks in advance

Hi Arman! Did you already receive a beta invitation or not yet? If not, they are being slowly rolled out, so stayed tuned!

Oh, can’t wait any more.
Thanks for reply Sheyla

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All in good time, they were relatively selective about who they released the beta to within the partner community. Not sure what exactly determined the hierarchy, but trust me, you’ll be stoked when you finally get to play around with it .

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I received an invitation a long time ago but still don’t have the beta

Hey there! When did you receive the invitation link? Are you still unable to access eX? Let us know and we’ll get you sorted!

@armkhachatryan It’s worth the wait, I promise! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response.
I can’t find the email but it’s been over 3 weeks I think. I keep asking my account manager and he says I am high on the priority list which doesn’t make sense if I am not seeing a follow up after 3 weeks…

@info52 Hmmm … can you DM me with your Wix account email address so I can confirm? It might just not reached you quite yet.

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