EditorX E-commerce features

Dear all,

I hope you are doing great today.

I was wondering if the new editor supports pricing quotations for specific products?

I am working on a new project where the client is a B2B seller and there’s a need for the customers to be able to send quote requests as they add the products to their carts.

Is such a thing possible with EditorX?

Thank you for your attention and have a nice day!

Did you manage to find a solution to this issue? Could you, please, share the solution

I see that this thread is from three years ago, but I wanted to offer some insights in case you’re still interested in EditorX’s e-commerce features.
When it comes to pricing quotations for specific products and quote request functionality in EditorX, it’s essential to check if these features were available at the time of the thread. It’s possible that EditorX has introduced updates and enhancements since then.
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