EditorX Mobile Site performance

Hi, my EditorX site performs very bad especially for its Mobile site. After the page rendered (which usually takes ~5 seconds already), then it take another 5~10 seconds before the page becomes interactive (e.g. the menu button can be clicked). This irresponsiveness seems to have turned away many of possible customers for my site.

I ran Google Pagespeed Insights (https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights) on my site and the result is as follows. See the First Contentful Paint and Time To Interactive. Drilling down the results showed that Script evaluation took a lot of time, and most of it from Wix own’s script app/main-r.min.js.

I tried to remove items (e.g. gallery pro) without success.

I wonder how other people EditorX sites perform. Is it just my sites or is it a problem of the current EditorX mobile platform ?

I believe you’re meant to run Lighthouse in Incognito or a private browser, as extensions can affect it. Here are my results for your website, which don’t seem bad at all.

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Thank you for the information ! Is that the result for the “Mobile Device” mode ?

I tried using the Lighthouse from an incognito Chrome. The result is still the same. Maybe it is because the location of client browser and the location of Wix servers ? I am located in Japan, and my customers are mostly in Indonesia. Wix servers seems to be located in Taiwan for us.

I launched an AWS EC2 instance in US East region (4 vCPU - 16 GB memory), installed Chrome and run Lighthouse on it. No difference with the result I had when running from Japan. The Time to interactive is still > 20 seconds.

Also tried with an AWS EC2 instance in Europe West region (Ireland, 4 vCPU - 16 GB memory). No difference.

Still wondering why @info50984 can get such a better result.

Hi @nikobarli ,
I am Noa from the Editor X Marketing Team.
We forward your issue to our support center, they are checking it and probably will contact you soon.
Good luck

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Hi @noasp

Thanks. Hope they can find the solution for this issue. I used EditorX hoping that I will be able to support mobile users better. Didn’t expect that the performance can be this bad for mobile.