Elements on gallery are out of order

I’ve created a gallery from a dataset, and I need it to be on a specific order (alphabetical). But, for some reason I don’t know, when I publish it, the live version on the dataset gets messed up.
I even tried adding a new column with numbers to try to order the gallery from it, but without success.

You can see the gallery working here https://www.espacom.com.br/
It should be on alphabetical order, ignoring the “Dr. / Dra.” prefix.

Hi Asdrubal!

Simple solution for that would be adding a ‘sort’ to your dataset.
Simply add a sort through the dataset settings and choose the sort logic (in this case it would be A----->Z sorting).

Note that if the “Dr. / Dra.” prefix is part of the field “name” the sorting action will take it into consideration and will sort it as part of the name.

Hope it helps!