Email Deliverability and DKIM

My test emails from Ascend are ending up in junk mail, so I’m trying to use authentication to avoid that.

I found this article that discusses adding a DKIM record:

It says to go to Wix > Domains > Advanced > Edit DNS

But I don’t have that option. I’m guessing because my DNS is at Siteground.

At Siteground I added the two TXT records as explained (splitting the DKIM up into two records to get it less than 255 characters)

But my test emails are still ending up in Junk.

Am I missing a step, anyone?


Hey Phil!

Just like any other DNS record, TXT verification records take time to propagate - so you may want to give it a few days before seeing any changes. Also keep in mind, ultimately the receiving inbox will field messages based on its own algorithm, regardless of what DNS records you have attached. DKIM certainly gives you an advantage, but it’s not guaranteed delivery.

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Thank you!