English - Arabic Multi-State Box (more boxes)


I have zero knowledge in Javascript coding that is why I use Wix to build my website.

I got this JS Code from Wix Velo using Muti-State Box to make Right to Left on images and text.

In this example of Velo, it provided me a single box called ‘Statebox8’. It works. I use the ‘Statebox8’ on my website Menu in order for the logo to transfer from Right to Left when changing language from English to Arabic.

My problem now is, I need to add another Multi-State Box on the body of my website. Here comes my problem because the new multi-state box now is called ‘Statebox9’ which is different from the one provided example by Velo.

  1. What shall I do to add the ‘Statebox9’ in the JS Code below?

  2. Is it the same procedure on ‘Statebox8’ like the ID is “Default” and the second state “RTL”

Attached herewith the code provided by Velo:

Appreciate your responses.

Many thanks.