Equipment rental website - looking for an example

Hi guys! I’m looking for an example of an equipment rental website. I am particularly interested in the renting and retrieving part of the process (like a ‘pick the thing I rented up at the location where you dropped it off’-button). How did you do that with the clients accounts/area, etc.? Did you use Wix Stores for instance in combination with Wix Code?

Feel free to ask me additional questions!


Hi Michiel,
We don’t have an example of equipment rental website.
My suggestion is to ask one specific question each post.
Have you tried Wix Booking?

Wix Booking has extremely limited features. It would be great if we can set a product by time. Wix will gain tons of clients if you would improve on this. As well as things like Alternate text on a Slider Background Image, really? Or a non customizable 404 page, come on guys! Gear rental, Studio rentals, this are very easy equations. I would gladly give you my time to sort this out. Gear rental bookings, kit building ability, it’s very easy to figure it out, it’s not complicated from an algorithmic point of view. I mean it, I’ll gladly give you my time!

Hi everyone! Some update to do it? Could we use some app to do something like that? I have been the same issue. Tks.

I have been the same issue. Tks.

I’ve love to have that! there is a ton of possibilities with rental products

Any update to this question? Hello wix? #EquipmentRental

Any update on this or any word this is something wix is working on?