Feature Request: Gift Boxes

Hi Wix,

It would be great to have a “Gift Box” option in Wix Stores. Meaning, a feature that would allow site visitors to assemble their own gift box.

I could imagine this option containing a few steps, such as: 1. select your box, 2. select your items, 3. select your card, 4. submit your message, 5. purchase.

I am keeping this post short on purpose, but happy to brainstorm with you if helpful!

Thank you,


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I think it’s possible if you use Velo. You could create a checkbox that kicks off a form. There isn’t a product-flow way to do this, but you can create your own with Velo.

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Hi Brett,

Thanks for the tip regarding Velo.

If Wix isn’t interested in building such a feature, would Wix be open to partnering with companies such as BoxUp?

Here’s a link to BoxUp’s “Box Builder” app for Shopify.

With gift boxes being on the rise, I believe such an app could be really valuable.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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I’m sure. We have lots of companies that make apps in our app market.

Noted. I suppose I’ll have to wait until a partnership has been formed.

@brett there are lots of apps but some major holes in unavailable apps or options… @annemarie I just created a similar format with some major creativity, the site will launch in a few days but feel free to contact me for what I came up with for my client!

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@avanidigitalwixpartn , thank you so much for your message and willingness to share. I will contact you today.

Here is the site I built for customized gift boxes, there are limitations again but this is what I came up with as a work around


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