Feature Request: Product Subscription Renewals + Pauses

I have a subscription box product that has 3 duration options: 3, 6, and 12 months.

I would like to request THREE features:

  1. I would like for customers to be able to RENEW their subscription to products in my store. As it stands, there is no way to do this and customers have to manually purchase the product again :frowning:

  2. I would also like to request an auto-renew feature for any duration of subscription.

  3. I would love for customers to have a way to PAUSE their subscription for a particular length of time. For example - I have a customer who is moving but doesn’t quite know where yet so just needs to postpone her subscription until she gets settled in somewhere. Currently, there is no way for her to do this.

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Hi Anna, I’m going to forward this feedback to the team and see if any of these are currently in the development stages. Should I hear back, I will keep you posted.

Awesome! Thank you so much, Steven!

@stevenjose - any word?

Hi @annamskates , no updates as of yet. I’ll touch base with the product team.

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Yes! I need this too (pause and renew)

I’ve shared this with the team! Should I hear any new information, I’ll make sure to update the post.