#Feature Request - Trigger to Stop Automation

I have a couple of automation workflows set up for marketplace leads, but here’s the issue; when I mark a project as in progress through the partner dashboard, the email campaigns within the automation keep being sent to the person regardless. Even when I manually move the card into a different workflow, they are still being sent! It appears there is no trigger or logic during the automation process on the Wix platform side to recognize the card being moved or the job being marked in progress and to stop sending the emails. I’ve had a couple of clients who I’ve signed contracts with for web design work call me after receiving these emails asking me if I am scamming them.

I’ve called Wix partner support many times, and I’ve put in bug reports. I even did an extensive automation workflow diagram in Visio and sent it to Wix partner support upon their request and copied my account manager. I’ve posted these issues several times in the Facebook group. I am very experienced with workflow automation & business processes (it’s part of the services I offer) but I don’t understand why this is not in place. It’s simple logic; if the project state for “customer name” changes to in-progress then stop automation. #WixAutomations