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I was so excited to see Gift Cards are finally available on Wix, and just in time for the holidays! I went through all the steps to set them up on my site, only to realize they cannot be used for toward Paid Plans or Subscriptions, which is 98% of our business. Also, there is no way for clients (or me I think?) to check the gift card balance. And I might be willing to still use them if clients could just call me and tell me what Paid Plan they want to buy with their gift card, and I manually add it to their account. But then I need to be able to clear the gift card balance. I don’t see a way to do this either. So for now, I will go back to using Square gift cards on my site where I can easily clear gift card balances. I will only use Wix Gift Cards once they can be used for Paid/Plans & Subscriptions and there’s any easy way to check/change the gift card balance. Please let me know if/when this will be available! Thanks!

Michelle Spurlock

Currently no solution dealing with the Gift Card system by Wix.