#featurerequest #wixeditor Ability to have a "my inputs" section

That title could be taken 2 different ways, but this should clear it up.

In the Wix Editor when you go to add a button, you are given the option of using one you have already designed. It would be so good if we had this option in the user inputs, forms and lightbox sections as well.


Haha we should release that feature right away just because of how great that gif is!

On a serious note, thanks for this feature request. We’ll make sure it gets to the right person!

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Any update?

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Hey there! I checked in the Support Center and found these options below, let us know if that was what you were looking for: About User Input Elements , Creating a Form with User Input Elements , Working with User Input Validation in the Settings Panel =)

No, that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for the ability to have a section in the user input panel, where you add inputs from, that has inputs I’ve already got in use on the site -like how it is when you go to add a button.


Oh I understand now. Thanks for sharing more details :wink: Did you open a ticket requesting this feature? If yes, share it with us pls. We will make sure to follow your request with the relevant team.

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