Fit mode for a column background

Please help,
Is there a way to set “fit” mode for a column background, to prevent the background image from being cut. Just like it works for gallery images and the page background.

Hello Nadya (sounds russian). :grin:
Do you use CODE?

Hi Dima,
I didn’t find any solution using only wix editor, so I’m looking for a solution in code.

Are you searching for this?$w/image/fitmode

This one works for images, need exactly this fit mode that will work for a strip/column background.

I’m probably a bit overwhelmed, sorry Nadya.
Perhaps someone else can help you.

Did you ever find a solutions to this, Nadya?

I would say → there is no way to do that with colum-strips given by wix (out of the box).

What you could do —> generating your own CUSTOM-COLUMNSTRIP (custom-element), and give it your wished functionality. But this won’t be an easy task!

And another question would be about RESPONSIVNESS.

@russian-dima “fit” mode should be responsive by default, so I don’t think that’s a concern.

This seems like fairly straightforward functionality that Wix could implement easily. They already have a “src” property of the background to replace the image, just make the background have a more flexible image object property. You can’t even access the background or image in the column directly by ID, though you can inspect the live version of the page and see the image element, but the ID on the live page is not the same as the Wix editor’s object IDs, so you can’t work backwards from that.