Fonts not working in database

Hi all,

I have downloaded a special character font and uploaded to wix for trademarks that need to be shown within our database. We can see the font as being correct (the font is PBRsfont) in our excel spreadsehht and in our csv files, but when added to the sandbox database it shows as a capital “A” instead of the correct symbol. I have synced, saved and published with no avail.
Here is a link to the live site (not upgraded yet):™)A/Prunus-avium-‘Sonata’

You will notice the issue after the Trade mark symbol and close bracket in the title filed. The same issue shows in the very first character of the descriptive filed PBR.

If anyone can be of assistance that would be awesome…


Hi ,
This forum specialises in wix code product , please contact
for further assistance.

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Hi Sapir,

We were directed to the code forum from WIX Support. The issue is being experienced in a data set created using WIX Code. Any suggestion as to who could help?

Thanks very much.

In preview mode I can see the symbol even though it is shown as “A” in the database.