How To Set FONT for Rich Text Field

Reference web page:
If you click on the thumbnail it opens a lightbox and display large image along with additional details.
Note: All these fields are coming from a database. The Comments field is set to RichText. The actual rich text value for item#1 as stored in the database is:
<font =arial size=2 color=white>includes:
- oil pan gasket / Gr. 1.429
- oil pan baffle gasket / Gr. 1.429
- oil pump gasket / Gr. 1.724
- timing cover oil seal assy. / Gr. 0.137
- rear main seal assy. / Gr. 0.213

see also Gasket Kit (valve grind) / Gr. 0.289 - for complete overhaul

see also Gasket Set (lower end - aftermarket) / Gr. 0.010

* never available for (122) but - except for modifying head Gasket - why couldn’t the (140) set be used? likely would not include seal for crankcase vent pipe (see Gr. 1.745)

However, when viewing the field in the database by clickint the HTML tab, it seems to have chosen a different font, size, and color. This is causing the displayed value in the lightbox to be too small and hard to read.
How can I override what the database is doing to this Rich Text field.

I referred to Formatting Text Elements with Wix Code and still cannot get this to work!

I then EDITED the html by replacing the span tag with: <span style="font-family:arial> ON EACH LINE.
Then clicked on VIEW and it looked right.
I then retested my lightbox and it still showed old text. Went back to Database and looked at same item and it had reverted what you see above?